A Nontraditional Approach to Bond Management

Kensington Wealth Advisors LLC is a SEC-Registered Investment advisor dedicated to tactically managing alternative investment portfolios utilizing quantitative analysis for clients globally. Kensington’s corporate office is located just outside of Houston, Texas.

Our goals are to deliver consistent and steady returns while providing downside protection. Our objectives are to provide uncorrelated absolute returns to the equity and bond markets with the goal of capital preservation. Accounts are managed using systematic models that seek to increase exposure to bond sectors when indicators are positive. When indicators are negative we decrease exposure or go 100% into cash.

Accounts are separately managed at independent custodians and are fully transparent and liquid. Our proprietary algorithms allow us timely entry and exits in Exchange Traded Products (ETFs) and/or mutual funds.

Kensington’s team has over 100 years of combined experience in the investment management industry, incorporating quantitative trading methodologies, manager due diligence, portfolio management,  company research and hedge fund management and marketing. Kensington’s investors include both large institutions and individual investors.

Our process takes the emotion out of the investment decision